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Hi all,

I'd like to pick your brains as I'm doing a little research. I appreciate there is no advertising on the forum so I'll try to avoid that. We have a gite in France, and we were hoping to tap into the biking market. The Tour De France went through our village some time back and we see a lot of local bike groups cycling locally so we thought it could work well for us. What we're struggling with is where to advertise or get the word out and how best to attract that market.

When you guys are researching a biking holiday or break, where do you look and what do you look for? I've seen some requests for suggestions on this forum, so word of mouth on forums is obviously one place, but since forums don't allow adverts that's a no go really, at least until we can get a foot in the door.

Are there other websites where you would look? Magazines perhaps? Are independent biking holidays popular or are more organised holidays and routes more popular? If I search for "cycling holidays France" everything seems to be pre-canned itineraries and routes. If you have any thoughts on what equipment would be good to provide too, that would be really interesting. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts


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    Where are you based? The vast majority of people who go on cycling holidays want access to well known routes/climbs - e.g. Alps, Pyrenees, Ventoux etc.

    Have a look at the Pyrenees Cycling Lodge for an example of someone running a business based on the cycling market. Not sure how they drum up business - mostly word or mouth I expect as it's a great place.

  • I think first port of call is to decide your target cycling audience. Cyclists who travel abroad tend to fall into specific categories:

    - self supported randonneur types (generally may need the odd room for a night).

    - those who want a fixed base and access to good climbs/routes. Could be catered or self catered. Likely to be self guided or in groups

    - those who want the full on catered for holiday, all their meals taken care of, guided rides etc.

    Are you going to focus on groups/individuals or a mix? Minimum nights stay, or happy for people to stay one night?

    I'd look at what your facilities and capacity are suited to. If you have a gite you might focus more towards the catered and self guided cyclist and groups that want a nice base for a cycling trip, but not necessarily the full on experience. Where are you based and what routes/climbs are going to be the attraction to cyclists?

    Once you have figured out who you are your potential clients, your offer and how best to advertise will become more apparent.