Christian Horner

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Apologies if this has/is being discussed elsewhere.

Just had browse through the alleged leaked messages sent to a female colleague (easily googled) which include a nude of himself and constant badgering of his subordinate for pics of herself, questions about what she’s wearing and lots of cringy attempts at flirting. The colleague really doesn’t seem interested, maybe they knew these would come to light one day.

anyway, if legit. How the hell did Red Bull exonerate him!? Marriage down the pan likely.

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    His biggest issue is Ford, who will want to be all wholesome and folksy.

    Ben Sulamen might also take a position. Not determinative in itself if he does so, but it would force RB and others to say that these are okay.

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    I guess either it's completely fake and the product of an overactive imagination.

    Alternatively there's some mitigating factors that took it from being the end of his career and marriage, to just the end of his marriage...but it's difficult to see quite what they would be, particularly in a world where you are trying to get sponsorship from large corporate brands, who typically run a mile from this sort of muck.

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    Presumably the leak must have come from within the team, as it was sent to 149 people within F1.

    Is the woman an ex (?) employee of red bull?

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    They will go for the disgruntled ex employee and taken out of context defences, I suspect.

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    Maybe it was to demonstrate his pen1s was aerodynamic.

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    Whoever wants to beat him to be the star of next season's 'Perv to Survive' has certainly got some stiff competition.

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    No one is coming out if this looking good.

    horner, 8 hrs of interview while allegations are being investigated.

    being cleared by redbull

    the someone with an agenda, either at the outcome of the investigation or to disrupt the team or hurt Horner. It would be difficult to understand the verdict if the messages were sent by Horner with the alleged content. Mind you 8 hrs of investigation seems thorough with a lot to go though.

    personally I think he’s toast. The other team principles, FIA and ultimately the owners of F1 will not have a risk of reputation to the business by someone who can’t keep his well publicised penis in his pants. Ol Berny might have been ok as was his old mate max moseley. Different times now

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    Married to a Spice Girl, so what he did could be a very clever way of escaping.

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    Well didn't he start his relationship with Geri Haliwell while still in a relationship with the mother of his first child?

    Never liked him, was a snidy little creep before his F1 days.