Kirkpatrick C2C

Anybody done this route? Am thinking of doing it and was wondering I there is any recommended accommodation at the start and Gatehouse or Kirkcudbright?


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    Missed your post. I'm a local (to Kirkcudbright). What sort of accommodation are you looking for? Hotel, pub, b&b, wild camping...?

  • Not camping, so probably pub/hotel. I'm in the Borders so no problem after the D&G part.

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    Some trad hotels with good food.

    Gatehouse of Fleet, Masonic Arms.

    Kirkcudbright, Selkirk Arms.

    Castle Douglas, Kings Arms.

    Not the cheapest but good reputations. I've stayed in the CD one several times, excellent food, big breakfast!, Dave and Pauline the owners v friendly, and they have a bike store.

    I've asked locals for some suggestions, there are b&b's around.

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    Been informed the Selkirk Arms also has secure bike storage, along with another rec for the food. 😊

  • Excellent, thanks.

    Got a friend over from NZ wanted to do a tour through Southern Scotland so I thought this would be quite a good choice.

  • All booked, just a few days of sunshine left to arrange 😬