Jerseys and shorts for sale (Assos, Torm, Ale, Castelli, Le Col)

Hello all. It’s been a while.

Since cycling has taken a back seat to running over the last 12 months, it’s time to acknowledge that I’m not really going to ride anything like as much so it’s time to clear out some kit. It’s all in good to excellent condition if a bit creased for being stuck in a drawer for a year! All prices include second class postage. PayPal or bank transfer is fine.

  1. castelli alpha jersey (first version) size large. Looking for £35

(not sure whether the pictures I’m trying to upload aren’t working because of a forum issue - going to try separate posts!)


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    Right - looks like photos are going to be a problem so I’m going to post a link to a folder in the comment at the end.

    1. Castelli alpha jersey (not jacket) as above for £35
    2. torm limited edition long sleeved blue jersey, size medium. Looking for £30
    3. torm long sleeved jersey, red. Size medium. Looking for £17
    4. Ale short sleeve summer weight jersey. Size large (it’s properly close-fitting!). Would like £17
    5. Le Col short sleeve jersey. Size medium. Looking for £20
    6. dhb soft shell jacket, size large. Worn exactly once! Looking for £25
    7. Wiggins by Le Col soft shell jacket, size large. Bought on a whim because it was on offer and I had a voucher. Worn once. Looking for £25.
    8. Assos Mille gt shorts, size medium. Would like £35
    9. Le Col shorts, size medium. Aiming at £25.

    I’ll consider realistic offers and will post a link to a folder full of pics in a couple of minutes.

    Thanks for looking.

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    johngti Posts: 2,508
  • johngti
    johngti Posts: 2,508

    All sold