Tarmac SL6 seatpost

Hello all,

I just bought a pre owned tarmac sl6 that was built in 2021, so relatively late for a Sl 6. The problem is that the seatpost has been cutted down. It is so short that I don’t have enough insertion for safety.

So I decided to buy a new one. The problem is that the one I received didn’t fit in the frame. Apparently the D shape is a bit larger Than the one of my frame. What is strange is that the wedge is not the one of a SL6(in 3 triangular parts) but one similar to sl7 (2 triangular with 1circular screw).

Do you guys have any idea of which seat post would fit in my frame ?



  • If the one you ordered didn't fit, they sent you the wrong post. I had an SL6 about 3 years ago, and you are correct, the seatpost wedge is in 3 parts. Sounds like you received an sl7 post. I assume you got your money back?

    Something like the link below should be the right model. This particular one is 380mm, would that be correct for your frame size? I think this post only came in 300 and 380mm so it should be if you require a longer post?

  • Thank for the answer,

    yes this was the one I bought and that didn’t fit. And on my frame the wedge is in 2 pieces. The original seat post has thicker wall and a thinner D shape

  • Is it a genuine frame ?

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    Is the SL6 an s-works? They have a non round post

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    First SL6 (with rim brakes) had aero seatpost. (I have one, s-works).

    However later SL6 with disc brakes had round I think.. (or only base models? or only when SL7 was released already?)