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Lower Back Pain, Only on Turbo

Hello! I returned to cycling this year, purchasing a new bike with professional bike fit. Riding since May I have had no pain. I just put it on my Kickr and have lower back pain. Same bike, no changes other than on the turbo. I installed the axis feet and have a fair amount of lateral movement. Anyone else experience same? Thank you!


  • me-109me-109 Posts: 1,911
    How long were you riding compared to a road ride? It might just be that you tend to maintain a fixed position on a trainer but move around more on the road due to terrain, traffic, stoppages etc.
  • That is definitely a concern, so indoors I try to move around a lot, coast, etc. I'm trying to stay around 30 minutes indoors (to acclimate) as opposed to 1-4 hours outdoors.
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