Sram AXS on Genesis Equilibrium Disc

Hi All.

Does anyone run an Equilibrium with an AXS set up please?.

I am planning to build up a 2020 frame with Rival/Force AXS but have drawn a blank on information about this being done before.

The missing piece of the puzzle for me is sourcing an AXS specific mech hanger as I know the spacing is different from Shimano from a previous build.

Any info will be much appreciated.



  • whyamihere
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    The mech hangers are the same unless you have a Shimano direct mount hanger. This page shows the difference:

    All the images I can see of an Equilibrium have a standard hanger, so you should be fine.
  • Thanks very much😁.
    The groupset will be arriving over the weekend so Ill be checking it out.
    The reason I was questioning was due to a build i did over the summer on an Addict Gravel. It had a GRX set up as stock, I swapped to Sram AXS but the Rival mech would not shift into the top 3 sprockets without a SRAM specific (inboard) hanger so I was assuming it would also be the case with the Genesis.
  • whyamihere
    whyamihere Posts: 7,708
    My guess would be that you actually had a Shimano direct mount hanger on the Addict. Looking at photos of the current GRX Addict gravel, it comes with one of these hangers. So you didn't have to fit a Sram specific hanger, you had to remove the Shimano specific hanger and fit a standard one which is compatible with both.
  • You are correct sir, thank you 😁