Bent Wheel Rim

Hi There

I recently repaired a puncture, blew it up and was fine, but went back over night and noticed that wheel was not going by the break blocks, then I realised the rim was was bent it a few places, I never over inflated it, I suspect the wheel was warn out , as you can’t see the wear line, it was the original Giant branded wheel, from around 2014



  • Looks like a worn out rim to me.
    I expect the tyre was a bit soft before the puncture.
    They loose the stiffness to hold full pressure before they fail, but they don't last long when being pushed out by the tyre pressure and back in by the brake blocks.

    Get an Iwanson gauge to check the rim thickness. IME rims fail at about 0.7 mm, so replace if under 1 mm, checking various points on both sides.

    Older rims don't have a wear indicator. A groove that disappears when the rest of the rim wears down to base level is common, but you can also get internal cavities that reveal a hole when the rim wears.
  • Thanks, that is what I thought it could of been, as I felt the rim and it feels like a concave shape

  • 🤣Unfortunately I can’t afford a new bike, so I will just invest in a new wheel set I think, as I’ve replaced various parts over past year, bottom bracket cassette, chain , cables , brakes etc over last few months ( I just over looked the wheels