Spin down value

Hi, trying to understand what is adjusted internally to a turbo trainer after a spin down/calibration
As far as I can understand it adjusts the drag of the unit.
But trying to work out, if I do a session on the trainer then perform a spin Down and it calculates a value of say 22300 milliseconds
Then do another work out and it gives a value of 20000 milliseconds
Does that mean the drag was too high or too low. (I’m trying to figure out if the spin down is lower it means it will be easier to put out 200 watts next time or it will be harder ) ?


  • me-109
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    In your example the drag in the second test was higher, resulting in a quicker return to zero mph/kph. Since you can't effect any change yourself the value is pretty meaningless and just confirms the test was completed. Since your own efforts may not be consistent - your speed at the time of being told to stop pedalling or your reaction time in doing so - will play a part and affect the result.
    What you don't know is what the benchmark is that it is calbrating against and how much it factors in the overspend etc.
    What it does do is allow the machine to recalibrate against its 'norms' by repositioning the magnets or varying the field strength, depending on how they work.
  • Cheers, didn't think of the reaction time as well, i suppose the time to be alarmed is when there is a massive drift