Who should win the Vuelta?

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Who should win the Vuelta?
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    None of the above. The team and/or individuals will decide, right or wrong. Consequences will follow whichever result. DS should have taken charge when Kuss took Red.
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    PB is the most sensible person on here.
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    Honestly too much is being made of it. The race is still ongoing. JV and PR should not attack Kuss, but they are absolutely allowed to follow moves or even ride a serious tempo (that is different to attacking) that drops the opposition and if Kuss can't follow, he doesn't get to win. That is the essence of Kuss also not wanting it gifted.

    The whole issue is the perfect click bait storm for the media to drum up attention in an otherwise dead race that was completely decided the moment Remco cracked.

    But ongoing race so all three jumbo riders could also crash in the same crash and the foregone conclusion would no longer be the case. It does seem that it would take something like that for one of them to not win.

    On a another note this race clearly shows that Almeida does not have what it takes and Ayuso also doesn't have it yet, so UAE would do well to actually field the absolute best team they can for next year's Tour; otherwise Pogacar will get smashed by JV again.
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