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Front wheel conversion

navrig2navrig2 Posts: 1,799
edited 12 September in MTB workshop & tech
I have a Shand Stoater which I used for a long tour some of which involved offroad gravel tracks. I used the original wheels -Hope 20Five Pro4 700c. The front came with a 12mm diam thru axle and a hub dynamo.

Now I am back from the tour I am going to use the bike as a gravel bike. I have taken my Race Face Aeffect 650b wheels from my MTB and fitted them to the Shand. The rear slotted straight in and I fitted 48mm MTB/gravel tyres.

I want the option of swapping out wheels without the hassle of changing tyres. So gravel ride one day and tour the next day.

However the front is not directly compatible. The MTB front wheel runs a 15mm axle with "end caps" sized for 15mm, The Shand end cups are for the 12mm axled dynamo. This means the wheel doesn't sit into the end of fork cups to allow an axle to fit thru.

Is there a conversion kit which would allow the wheel to sit further into the cups so I could slide in a 15mm - 12mm convertor.

Or am I consigned to buying a different wheel? When I look most fronts come with 15mm axles.


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