saturday waiting for the eastern glow


sunny scorchio

lazy cafe ride, stoke up for long ride tomorrow, bask
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  • pinno
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    Morning cachinnating Cockatoos

    Windy and wet as fook*.
    Off to assist welder bloke seen as he sacked the other day off.

    *Beans is not happy.
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  • orraloon
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    Gonna be a hot, correction wet one... First start 0845 and it's pishing down. Hey ho.
  • sungod
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    short cafe-oriented ride, got some crusty bread, scorchio already, rather humid, no breeze

    btw clear sky early on, only a sliver of moon, went out and lay down to have a gaze at the sky for meteors, saw a few, should be good from uk overnight if there's a gap in the clouds (and you're away from light pollution)
    my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny
  • Stevo_666
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    Got some supplies from town, now watching the England v Colombia game, then dog walk, then assemble new flat pack thing that Mrs. 666 bought, then chill hopefully.
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  • tlw1
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    Been out for a ride with a pal, now off for a swim.

    Later is unknown but I imagine it will be the pub
  • Wheelspinner
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    Bit undecided today.. rain overnight, and showers/sunshine/wind/showers was the order of the day. Quick bit of power tool gardening effort first up to remind an oleander bush of its place in the Scheme of Things.

    Dodged rain, then some shed activity to make up a picture frame. Cut and glued up, backing board to be fitted tomorrow.

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  • sungod
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    windless afternoon, scorchio con fuegos del infierno by the pool

    cooling time
    my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny
  • homers_double
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    I’m done, no more pizza or cheese for a butterfly’s lifetime.
    Final push home tomorrow from St Dizier to The North.
    The truck is laden with wine and it’s being locked away!
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  • webboo
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    I can’t remember if I posted earlier. Sweaty session on the board, big boll0cking from Mrs W for not bringing the washing when it p!ssed it down. Out for tea to the pub in next village as it’s about a third of the price of our village pub. Another b0llocking for not offering to drive😂 Watched the Mountainbike racing, I wonder if MVP had gone a bit over the top on those Scottish snacks Matt Stevens gave him.