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Two High-Spec Carbon Road Bikes Available (L/XL) - New Builds, Rock-Bottom Prices, Choice of Wheels

jahknobjahknob Posts: 28
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I have two carbon road bikes that I have had built up into complete bikes that would suit taller riders (6' to around 6'6"). Frames and forks and most of the components are brand new, some parts are lightly used. Assembly and checks have been conducted by a professional mechanic who worked at Roberts Cycles in Croydon for many years.

One is a Vitus Vitesse Evo and the other is a Viper RC2DB. The former is a brand that has been owned by Wiggle for a number of years and the latter is a Belgian brand that Wiggle carried for a few years. The framesets were bought new from Wiggle in 2021 as surplus stock and I have turned these into bikes that I would be happy to own for myself, were it not for the fact that they're too big and I already have too many bikes. Both are 22-speed mechanical with disc brakes and thru-axle wheels.

These are listed elsewhere, but I thought I would mention them on this forum - please note that prices are FIRM, but there may be additional items that I can throw into the mix, depending on what a potential buyer needs.

Either bike would suit someone who is simply looking for the best value, or a rider who is just moving up from cycling as a means of transport to cycling as a fitness/sporting pursuit.

The bikes are in North London - I prefer to sell in person so that I can make sure the fit is correct and any potential buyer will be happy with their purchase. There are plenty of contact point options available (saddle, seatpost, stem, bars, bar tape) and there are several different wheel sets available for each bike each at different price points:

Basic Shimano RS170 Alloy training/winter wheels (new)
Reynolds/Shimano 38/50mm carbon - not a matching pair, but with decals removed no-one will notice (very lightly used)
Prime 50mm carbon (new)
3TTT/Giant SL1 60mm carbon - not a matching pair, but very similar even with decals (new)

Total price ranges from £1099 to £1499

Full details and pictures can be found in the links below. Any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. A brief summary is as follows:

1) Vitus Vitesse Evo 2020 57cm carbon frame and fork in size L

Original spec for this frame/bike, is here:

The frame and forks and wheels are new, as are the cassette, chain, brake rotors, head set, BB and more. Other components are carefully chosen and checked used parts in excellent condition. The groupset is based around 6800 Shimano Ultegra 11s, but I don’t spec any bikes with Shimano chainsets, due to the cost of replacement chainrings and the possibility of cracking. Parts have been chosen to best suit taller riders. I also use hybrid hydraulic disc brakes rather than full hydraulic for simplicity and ease of use (Brake power is excellent and more than enough for use on the road). The relevant dimensions to help you assess the sizing can be found via the link above, but I have measured as follows:

Head Tube 18cm
Seat Tube 55cm
Top Tube Actual/Virtual 56/58cm
Standover Height 79cm (at least 33” inside leg?)

2) Viper RC2 DB Carbon Road Bike, XL 58cm

For sale is this newly built-up Viper RC2 DB 2021 frame in black in size L. This is a true lightweight “superbike” without the expected high price tag. This bike is more than a match for a bike costing more than double the price and you'd be hard-pressed to find something of this quality at this price secondhand, particularly considering that all the crucial parts of this bike are brand new

There isn’t a lot of info available on the web about this frame and the associated company. However, it is based in Belgium and, like almost all carbon frame/bike companies, the actual manufacturing takes place in Taiwan. The (new) frame was sourced through Wiggle, which sold Viper frames for a number of years in the UK (you can still find the details on the website if you search for it).

Looking at the frame compared to the other carbon road bike that I have built up for sale, it is certainly a taller frame, so probably most suitable for a slightly taller rider - certainly up to 6’6” and it can be built up into a slightly lighter bike than the comparable Vitus also for sale. The rear seat stays are very thin, which provides increased compliance for a more comfortable ride. Frame tube profiles are otherwise very similar to current standards. Groupset similar to the Vitus - based around Shimano Ultegra 6800 11s. The frame and forks and wheels are new. The chain and chainrings are new, as are the brake rotors, headset, BB and more. The relevant dimensions have been measured as follows:

Head Tube 20cm
Seat Tube 60cm
Top Tube Actual/Virtual 57/59cm
Standover Height 82cm (at least 34” inside leg?)

Link to pictures and more info can be found here:

Any questions, just drop me a message or reply to this thread.


  • pangolinpangolin Posts: 5,950
    Good you've put superbike in quotation marks.
    - Genesis Croix de Fer
    - Dolan Tuono
  • jahknobjahknob Posts: 28
    Hmmm.. Is that some sarcasm I detect?
    Show me something comparable (and essentially new) for that price?
    And tell me how much performance difference you're expecting to get from the extra £££ that you'd spend on a superbike (without quotation marks)?
  • jahknobjahknob Posts: 28
    Note that bike prices have changed slightly - from £1,099 with shallow Shimano alloy training wheels to £1,499 with most expensive deep carbon wheels; there's a little bit of wiggle room to make changes to component spec for fitting purposes, or get a deal on some new Look Keo pedals, or even upgrade to go superlight.. Just get in touch if you have any questions..
  • jahknobjahknob Posts: 28
    Just updated the post. Wish I could figure out how to get pics on here!
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