SRAM & Shimano FD Compatibiity

Running a Microshift FD with a SRAM Force Shifter. FD is sticky for some reason and I have a Shimano 105 FD available. Will it work with a SRAM shifter?




  • me-109
    me-109 Posts: 1,915
    I thought Microshift followed the Shimano principle, but largely that's irrelevant to FDs. Sticky is more likely to be cable related, either swollen outer, gummed up inner or fraying in the shifter.
  • dj58
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    As above take it off and give it a good soak in cleaner, scrub and relube the pivot points and fit a new inner and or outer while you are at it. As for whether the 105 works with the SRAM Shifter I'd just fit it to see and satisfy my curiousity.
  • If its an older jagwire cable replace it too .