UK suitable gravel tyres

Looked at my gravel bike this morning, and noted that my rear Vittoria Terreno Wet is showing some wear down the centre - I suspect knobbly tyres may be more susceptible to wear,

Anyway, the tyres are 33mm, as this was all that would fit my old CX bike, but now I've a proper gravel bike, I can go wider. I quite like the Terreno's, and was thinking of a 40mm instead, but does anyone have similar recommendations? I need them for a mix of gravel, muddy towpath and road use - I can't be bothered switching tyres summer/winter*, so it's a one-size-fits-all.

*Anyone want some part worn Gravelking SKs?

It's just a hill. Get over it.


  • whyamihere
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    I like my Maxxis Ramblers. My use case is similar to yours. They're not going to be much good in deep sloppy mud, but nothing which is decent on road/hard packed gravel will be.
  • richys
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    I’ve got WTB Nano 40 tubeless on my gravel bike. More of an old skool MTB tyre adapted for gravel. Really happy with how they cope in typical UK muddy conditions (mix of clay and loam around here). Pretty good on fast fire road compacted gravel, and not bad on loose gravel. A central ridge means they don’t feel sluggish on the road (and nice and supple as tubeless). Feel a bit sketchy cornering hard on tarmac, but that’s more to do with flex than grip from the rubber.

    I too can’t be arsed with changing tyres in summer particularly as summer doesn’t mean zero mud!). Very happy with them as a more mud/fire road oriented bike.
  • joeyhalloran
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    Pirelli Ms get some good reviews and have two friends who ride them in winter. Central strip solid strip to help with rolling resistance but plenty of knobs on too.
  • I have Conti Terra Speed, no issues whatsoever with them. Seem to have good grip on loose surfaces and are plenty slick enough for the road. Not much wear after a couple of thousand km's or so. They also do a gnarlier version called the Terra Trail if you wanted more grip/durability.