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I already have a 3 bike Thule Euro Ride Bike Rack, this covers my needs most of the time. We are going to France in 10 days or so ... and I need to bring all 4 bikes this time, so I need a 4 bike carrier. I really am reluctant to shell out again for a similar Thule 4 bike carrier.

What folks make of these tow bar mounted bike hangers? I was thinking about a "Buzz Rack Buffalo 4". Will the French police have a problem with one of these hanging off our Kia Sportage? Do they damage the Bikes?

Ray K


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,632
    I'd never heard of these till you asked, they look and work similar to the Thule ones which are normally classed as the gold standard. I've used the Thule 4 bike ones on hatchbacks in the past with no issues if care is taken. Pad between bikes and secure them to stop them swinging. I needed to use a trailer board on mine as they obscured the reg plate. I used foam padding in between to stop bikes rubbing each other. The foam as used on scaffolding works great. As to use abroad I can't help you on that one. You'll need to check with ferry company or eurotunnel as well depending on how your getting over the channel.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
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