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Helmet issues

bonk_kingbonk_king Posts: 277
I have quite a big head to start with, about 60cm. My issue is that during a ride, aided by sweat, the helmet slowly slips and starts resting/pushing down on my cycling glasses, which obviously then becomes uncomfortable on my ears. I'm forever trying to reposition the helmet to take pressure off my ears.

If I place my helmet quite high to start with before I set off, leaving a reasonably sized gap for my glasses, and then tighten the helmet right up, then, after a while, the tightness of the helmet starts hurting my head, and even when it's tight the sweat issue still sometimes means it slips, leaving my ears sore again! So I'm back to square one.

I suppose a skull cap would help with the sweat issue but I really don't want to be wearing one of those in warm weather.

I've also thought of not wearing glasses at all during rides but I really don't want to increase the risk of insects and road debris getting in my eyes.

Does anyone else have similar issues? Is there such a thing as a snug fitting, unslipping helmet, which stays clear of your glasses throughout the ride?


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