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Planning routes around Menorca

Hi there - I'm planning a leisure week in Menorca with the wife on hard-tail mountain bikes. Nothing to strenuous as we are both retired. Even trying to co-ordinate between the Tour & trail map, google maps, streetview and google earth + Mio I am finding it difficult to work out which tracks are accessible and which are not. Even if one source shows a through route Google streetview sometimes shows a locked gate. The main question I have today is getting from Cuitadella to Cala Galdana. Google maps only shows access by main road via Ferreries however there is a bus stop shown at the end of the road leading down to Cala Macarelleta. So here is the question for anyone who has cycled that why - If I continue by bike passed the bus stop and down to the coast can I then cycle the 3kms along the coast to Cala Galdana possibly using the Cami de Cavalls. If anyone has done this please let me know.
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