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Crank Removal

marcel147marcel147 Posts: 62
edited 29 June in MTB workshop & tech
Sorry to ask, but how the heck does one remove the crank on this troublesome tyke, I have google and youtubed for 3 hours and I cannot find the info.

It is not DUB.
It is the GXP.

All I want to do is replace the chainring.

Best I got was how to put it together. Pretty sure mine is the 24mm version on pages 14-15.

I tried the reverse of putting it together, so I have removed the 10mm protective cover from the non-chainring side and then the 8mm hex nut from the same side, but the arm is rediculously stuck.
I have forcefully-gently hit with a rubber mallet protected with a towel but it just isn't budging.

Is there a tool or a method that I need to ease it off?

2009 Boardman Pro FS


  • mully79mully79 Posts: 904
    I haven't messed about with SRAM cranks personally but I have a sneaky feeling the idea is that the "protective cover" acts like an extractor. Ie. Screw the 8mm bolt back in and refit the cover then unscrew the 8mm bolt with the cover in place.
  • marcel147marcel147 Posts: 62
    Ahh @mully79 your a star mate, yep that's the trick. Mucho grassyass:)

    2009 Boardman Pro FS
  • bm5bm5 Posts: 526
    This thread is not nearly as interesting as the title suggests - it would have been different on cakestop!
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