Helmets for bigger heads

Mr Swede-head here. Currently using an ageing Kask Mojito, which fits just so - however, before anyone says "So buy another one", I tried one and it didn't fit as well and was super-mushroom.
Other suggestions? Needs good ventilation, 'cos I'm sweaty, don't care about aero. Cost up to say £200 (my brain's important to me)

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  • N0bodyOfTheGoat
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    The important question is, is your head round or oval?

    I think I tried a Mojito from wiggle in 2017, awful fit for my oval ~62cm circumference head, sent it back and got a Giro which fitted great. Treated myself to an Abus Gamechanger ~19 months ago, a "bordeaux red" for ~£70 from Amazon, again fits great.
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    My massive head likes Specialized helmets.
  • drhaggis
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    Helmet manufacturers can't be ärsed to publish the shape or their design, so you need to try them. Spesh & Giant sometimes specify Asian (or round) vs "Western" (or oval). There are some sister brands that, probably purposefully, use different shapes for otherwise comparable helmets (Giro & Bell, I'm looking at you).

    If Kask fit well, you might be lucky with Lazer or Giro (but beware Giro Cinder is slightly more oval than the last Mojito). I can't do Kask at all, so helmets I find fine (Spesh Echelon, Treks w/ wavecell, Bell Spherical) you'll probably despise.
  • secretsam
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    UPDATE: Kask won the day, again, I bought a Protone

    It's just a hill. Get over it.