monday has bedimmed the noontide sun


mostly gloomymild

ride cafes wfh laze and bubbly
my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny


  • tlw1
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    Long walk with hounds as too hot for them later.

    Work snizzle and chill later
  • Charlie_Croker
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    Moaning earlybirds,

    Looks bright blue and lovely after last night’s watering

    Day off today, nothing planned as such. Just doing a few small odd jobs that need attending to. Maybe ride later which will involve refreshment stops image

    Hopefully SG’s title is wrong, for today at least

  • pinno
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    Morning filibusters

    Grey but it's only temporary. Good deluge last night but no t&l unfortunately. Govt. cutbacks I guess.

    Back to project rental. 1 more week mehopes.

    seanoconn - gruagach craic!
  • orraloon
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    An element of internal (ish) mopping up in progress. Heavy and continual rain overnight, garden says thank you, some leakage in the built on front door porch area, some ponding on the roof membrane at the wall edge so overspill inside the wall. That bit is going to get rebuilt anyway so only trivially wetting. Rest of house front sans roof tiles looks ok.

    Still damp but sun due back by the afternoon. Along with the roofers, guess there's no point them starting early then just sitting in the van while it piddles down.
  • veronese68
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    Morning workers and shirkers,
    A day of lounging beckons, coffee first.
  • homers_double
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    Morning chaps, a very busy couple of weeks for me at work so internetting will be minimal.
    Feeling slightly jaded after the weekend, Friday was a last minute big night out, Saturday played top up and Sunday being fathers day involved copious amounts of red wine.
    Then the gym at 6.30 this morning :s
    No ride today, might go for a walk around the local lake later
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  • webboo
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    Sunny here but damp from last nights rain. Visit to tyre place to get puncture fixed turned out expensive as the tyre was kn@ckered and they only had an expensive one in the size needed. Dogs walked and they are off for hair cut later, once that’s done it will a bike ride if it stays dry.
  • Stevo_666
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    Can't complain about yesterdays rain, it's stopped the garden turning too yellow for now. And it was dry for the communt this morning. Powering through the days meetings with some caffeine assistance for now - there's a big shepherds pie with my name on it to give me more motivation.
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  • beansnikpoh
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    I see I didn't post yet. Nothing going on really, other than work. Finally first day in the new office tomorrow. No idea how the bike bit works, so taking a tube. Bike next week, when we can book desks.
  • pinno
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    'book desks' ?!

    Did the roofers come back @orraloon ?
    seanoconn - gruagach craic!