Can't synch SRAM AXS Spider Power Meter

I just got a new bike with SRAM AXS components. The SRAM app sees the derailleurs and shifters. One time it saw the power meter but never since and does not list it among the components. My Garmin Edge 830 lists the power meter as a discovered sensor but when I try to calibrate it never finishes. It just keeps spinning like it's working on it but never completes.

Is there a trick to getting the SRAM app to see the power meter? I guess I could try deleting the bike and starting over with discovery? When I ride, the power fields on my Garmin 830 just sit at zero which makes sense given that it hasn't calibrated it. I just don't know why the SRAM app can't see it and why I can't calibrate it. Maybe the SRAM app needs to connect with it before the Garmin Edge can calibrate it? No idea...