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Roommates and I made a new cycling routing app!!

This project has absorbed all of my free time for the past six months while I've balanced cycling and my regular job. Now, I believe my web application is finally ready to be shared with the public! The service is entirely free and, I dare say, quite impressive.

The site is and it has a bunch of unique major features, including the use of AI (the buzzword lately).

For instance, if you click the little wind icon in the upper left, enter your start time/day and how long you think it will take to complete the route you're working on, it will plot the weather for each point where it's assumed you'll be along the route! No surprise weather systems, you can try to optimize tailwind, etc.

Weather data along route

You can also press "Show Gravel" to have all the non-road non-unknown surface-type roads get projected directly onto the map so you can easily stay on or avoid gravel while routing:

Show gravel!

I have 28 routing profiles, want a hilly, unpaved, racy route? Sure, a flat paved leisure route? Sure, there are many permutations. You can also update the whole route with the route profiles or just portions, totally up to you.

My favorite and COOLEST feature is defining unknown surface types. While everyone, including my site, lets you see the breakdown of different surface types along your route from Open Street Map data, as far as I can tell, I'm the only one that trained an AI to use zoomed-in satellite images and real-time classify all the unknown portions! Here's a little screenshot on how to try this:

AI surface classification

I've also worked with Garmin to create a "Send Route To Garmin" Button! It's extremely convenient.

Garmin Button

Note: This site is only optimized for desktop at this time, mobile will be coming soon, and some of the features you do have to log in for, but there are no charges of any kind. Due to the non-standard port of the backend (this is hosted on residential internet) the ability to actually route is blocked by some work VPNs

I have TONS of upcoming features that I'm working on, like integrating chatGPT to help make routes, having a weather radar, displaying a cellular connectivity map, etc. If you're interested you can follow the Facebook page I set up strictly for updates

If you have any thoughts, feedback, suggestions, or criticism, I'm open to all of it! One final note, this site has been simply a passion project for myself and my roommates, it's currently living on a server we have in our basement, and I'm curious to see how it might work with a few more users.


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