How much do you know about wheels?

Hello all!

I’m a grad student conducting market research on cycling wheels. As a part of the research, I’m surveying how much information cyclists have about bike wheels. I’d very much appreciate it if you could spare 2-3 minutes to complete some True or False questions about road bike wheels. You will get to see your score at the end and see the correct answers.

Here is the link to the survey if you are interested:

Thank you all!


  • gethinceri
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    Strange survey, I wonder how you have determined which answer is right or wrong and your point of reference.
    Answering "No, I'm done" then leads to the demographic questions, which are mandatory. Not best practice.
  • singleton
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    Some of those questions are not clear-cut right / wrong, but finished anyway.
  • First.Aspect
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    I got to question 2 and took a hammer to my tablet in irritation.

    You say you are a grad student. What did you graduate in, exactly?
  • veronese68
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    You've graduated and you're doing market research? Who for?
  • Gave up, very poorly designed survey.
  • monkimark
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    Which way does the scale of wheel expertise run? I presume 1 is less knowledge and 7 is expert but it's not clear
  • First.Aspect
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    Not clear how much the OP knows about wheels.

    Completely clear how much the OP thinks he knows about wheels.
  • joeyhalloran
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    I agree, there were some questions I was thinking "well the answer is x but what does the author think the answer is?"
  • DeVlaeminck
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    It's typical of 90% of these on-line student dissertation surveys. There are always easily identifiable flaws.

    They really are low hanging fruit for a bunch of middle aged blokes on a cycling forum like us.
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