Prime / Discovery - Giro

ao77 Posts: 5
My plan was to watch the 2023 Giro d'Italia on my TV via Prime and Discovery.

I'm finding this difficult. The most obvious problem is finding the full stage with the English language commentary.

It takes five to ten minutes to find the programme, even when searching for "giro 6" or "giro 2023" The same title and picture are used in several different places to refer to several different items including motor racing and martial arts.

At about 7:30 p.m. 14/5/2023 I contacted Amazon's customer support who told me that stage 7 with English commentary had not yet been released. The race was on 12/5/2023 and the replay is available with Dutch commentary but not English. They advised I should try the next day, they weren't sure when it would be released.

Are other people having similar problems, maybe I'm looking in the wrong place? Is there a better way of accessing the big cycling races. I don't know how to get GCN on TV.


  • Pross
    Pross Posts: 41,033
    I just go to the Discovery + app, select sports and then pick the Giro which comes on with English GCN commentary as standard. Only problem I have is that the app can be quite slow loading. I use it through Sky Q or the app on a Firestick though, not sure what the deal is with Prime and hadn’t even realised it was an option.
  • takethehighroad
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    I use Discovery+ through the smart TV app or through the Firestick on the 2nd TV and it is pretty slow to navigate through to finally play the stages