Possibly stupid question

Hi. I am used to training either first thing in the morning or in the evening after work. Due to a change in my work circumstances I am now planning to train during lunchtimes a couple of days a week. This means that instead of showering in the morning or evening after my ride I will now be showering at lunchtimes. From a young age I was always taught to put on clean clothes and underwear after a shower but this seems a bit excessive if I will be changing to ride a few lunchtimes a week, and I wondered what others do after a lunchtime ride?


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    I have a bath, not a shower, so I can't advise.
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    Just put the same clothes back on?
  • I have a feeling the OP asked something previously about washing clothes/showering, although I could be mistaken. I definitely remember a similar thread a while back.

    Just have a shower and put your clothes back on.
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    We're you getting straight into bed after your evening rides, or just letting it all hang out after your shower?
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    'Possibly' = 'definitely'

    This needs to be moved to the 'Personal hygiene and underwear advice' forum...
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    Go commando in the afternoon. Saves worrying. Saves water. Saves energy.

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    An all-over "squaddie shower"?
  • de_sisti said:

    An all-over "squaddie shower"?

    What is one of those??
  • I’m assuming that you don’t have any underwear beneath your cycling shorts anyway (they aren’t meant to be used with underwear).
    If you can’t shower at work, wipe yourself down with cologne. Your colleagues will appreciate it, and it will prevent any saddle area problems.
    Personally, I buy it in big containers, and then put it in small spray bottles to carry around. Look for Turkish Barbers cologne, it’s much cheaper ( and higher rubbing alcohol content) than small bottles from the beauty counter.
    Interesting fact - Beryl Burton never washed with water during the whole racing season, using cologne instead.
  • If you don’t sweat during ride wear a womens bodybwash with a morning shower. I use lush. Most of your colleagues who will be offended by your odour will be female. If you sweat there are bed bath wipes you can wipe yourself down with instead of a shower. If summer smell mostly comes from sweat glands underestimate th your arms so you can just wipe that area with baby wipes then use a deodorant or cologne.

    It’s better to smell good at work and respect your colleagues. Encourage them to come for a ride with you. 😋
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    Thanks all. I apologise for the nature of the question

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    Buy yourself a backpack, or a courier bag, and put your cycling clothes and cycling shoes in it, wear those when you ride at lunchtime, then come back and either wipe yourself down with cool water and soap, or baby wipes or something like those, or take a shower which means you'll need a towel to put in your backpack or bag; put your now dirty cycling clothes back into your backpack or bag along with the towel, and you're good to go. This is easy stuff, just think about it more.