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Converting 2017 Orange Clockwork 100 29er to 1 x 12 groupset?

Hi, I want to upgrade my 2017 Orange Clockwork 100 29er
(link: to a 1 x 12 groupset but I'm confused. I keep reading about Boost & Dub etc. Does anybody know if I can just buy e.g. SRAM SX Eagle 1x12 and it will be compatible? If so, would I need a Boost or Dub?


  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,677
    Yes, it will be compatible. The SX cassette fits on a standard freehub so that will be fine (assuming you haven't changed the wheels/freehub). Your bike doesn't use boost spacing, this relates to the width of the rear hub. DUB is Sram's newish crank standard. There's DUB bottom brackets available for basically any frame, I believe you'll need a BSA type bottom bracket. So DUB is fine, and you'll need the non-boost version.
  • occy73occy73 Posts: 6
    Perfect - thanks for your response - appreciate it!
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