PTP 2023: la Flèche Wallonne - Wednesday, 19 April

JimD666 Posts: 1,986
Full route:


Final Climb:


Previous Winners:

2022 TEUNS Dylan
2020 HIRSCHI Marc
2017 VALVERDE Alejandro
2016 VALVERDE Alejandro
2015 VALVERDE Alejandro
2014 VALVERDE Alejandro
2013 MORENO Daniel

As usual all Entries in by Midday on the 19th


  • Dorset_Boy
    Dorset_Boy Posts: 6,995
    May as well go for the Poginator again.....!
  • archieboy
    archieboy Posts: 1,321
    Pogacar pls

  • red.rider
    red.rider Posts: 1,101
    Pogacar please.

    Thanks for getting the thread up
  • Mad_Malx
    Mad_Malx Posts: 5,018
    I've just realised the way to stop him:

    Pogacar please.
  • Pross
    Pross Posts: 40,993
    Someone has to go for a different pick as it’s pointless otherwise so I’ll be the fall guy and go for Cosnefroy again please (almost went for Gaudu so watch him win now).
  • JimD666
    JimD666 Posts: 1,986
    Hoping he'll improve and sticking with Neilson Powless
  • m.r.m.
    m.r.m. Posts: 3,355
    Was waiting to see if Roglic was riding, but since he doesn't seem to be,

    Pogacar please.
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  • mididoctors
    mididoctors Posts: 17,281
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  • TheBigBean
    TheBigBean Posts: 20,781
    Pogacar please
  • Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent

    Pog please
  • Dialatron
    Dialatron Posts: 1,101
    Pogacar please
    Old, fat and that's just the bike.
  • exiger1272
    exiger1272 Posts: 176
    Pogacar - pls
  • singleton
    singleton Posts: 2,516
    I'm playing a slightly different version of PTP: Can I pick podium places without picking Pog for every race.
    Tom Pidcock Pls.
  • carbonclem
    carbonclem Posts: 1,631
    Shorter race, and one in his legs, so ...

    Tom Pid please
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  • rozzer32
    rozzer32 Posts: 3,850
    Pog please
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  • RichN95.
    RichN95. Posts: 27,180
    I think really steep stuff might be Pog's weak point.

    Ben Healy
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  • twotoebenny
    twotoebenny Posts: 1,456
    I think Pog might be a bit tired now.
    So I’ll go for Pog pls
  • dish_dash
    dish_dash Posts: 5,575
  • andyp
    andyp Posts: 10,163
    Pogacar for me too, please.
  • orraloon
    orraloon Posts: 12,773
    Tadej Pogačar pls
  • andyp
    andyp Posts: 10,163
    Cosnefroy is a DNS due to bronchitis. One for @Pross
  • Pross
    Pross Posts: 40,993
    Cheers Andy, will change to Picock then please.
  • ocdupalais
    ocdupalais Posts: 4,251
    Enric Mas
  • gregster04
    gregster04 Posts: 1,704
    Tadej POGAČAR please
  • daniel_b
    daniel_b Posts: 11,620
    edited April 2023
    Pidcock again please

    Healy in with a shout again I wonder.
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  • JimD666
    JimD666 Posts: 1,986
    Pross said:

    Cheers Andy, will change to Picock then please.


    15 minutes left for any last minute changes.

    Good luck to all who haven't picked Pog. We're probably going to need it!
  • JimD666
    JimD666 Posts: 1,986
    Still haven't seen the race, so will be a little late getting scores up. Should be up later tonight but could be around mid morning tomorrow.
  • JimD666
    JimD666 Posts: 1,986
    Easy Scoring. Pog Pickers 1 Everyone else 0

    Actual results here