PTP 2023 - Amstel Gold Race - Sunday 16th April

red.rider Posts: 1,066
33 hellingen including 2x up the Cauberg and a visit to the Drielandenpunt



Ultimi km
Flat-ish run in

Last year
Kwiato from Cosnefroy

Start List
From PCS

Battles to watch
All eyes on Pogacar

Picks in by 12:00BST on Sunday.


  • Dorset_Boy
    Dorset_Boy Posts: 6,915
    Poginator please
  • mididoctors
    mididoctors Posts: 16,750

    Pog please
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  • m.r.m.
    m.r.m. Posts: 3,334
    I find it hard to believe Pogacar will just keep his win rate going and win pretty much everything he races while racing the entire year & expect him to have to taper off eventually, but the field isn't exactly stacked, so:

    Pogacar please
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  • gsk82
    gsk82 Posts: 3,460
    Pogacar please
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  • Any race that Pog is in you have to expect him to be there or thereabouts, which makes PTP pretty boring

    So my pick is.........

    Pog please
  • daniel_b
    daniel_b Posts: 11,570
    Head says pog, but I'm going to go for Pidcock please.
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  • Mad_Malx
    Mad_Malx Posts: 5,000
    who wants PTP points anyway?

    Pidcock please
  • Pross
    Pross Posts: 40,427
    Need to take a risk so Cosnefroy for me please
  • JimD666
    JimD666 Posts: 1,910
    Neilson Powless please.

  • singleton
    singleton Posts: 2,493
    Betting it all on the equivalent of seven red makes it:
    Tiesj Benoot Pls.
  • RichN95.
    RichN95. Posts: 27,147
    I'll go for Cosnefroy please
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  • exiger1272
    exiger1272 Posts: 154
    Pogacar - pls
  • red.rider
    red.rider Posts: 1,066
    Pogacar for me
  • TheBigBean
    TheBigBean Posts: 20,550
    Pogacar please
  • dish_dash
    dish_dash Posts: 5,557
  • Dialatron
    Dialatron Posts: 1,101
    Pogacar pls
    Old, fat and that's just the bike.
  • orraloon
    orraloon Posts: 12,660
    Going well rad here

    Tadej Pogačar pls
  • twotoebenny
    twotoebenny Posts: 1,431
    Pog pls
  • rozzer32
    rozzer32 Posts: 3,826
    Pog please.
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  • archieboy
    archieboy Posts: 1,297
    Pogacar pls

  • carbonclem
    carbonclem Posts: 1,584
    Pog pls
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  • daniel_b
    daniel_b Posts: 11,570
    I think at this rate you have condemned Pog to a major mechanical :D
    Felt F70 05 (Turbo)
    Marin Palisades Trail 91 and 06
    Scott CR1 SL 12
    Cannondale Synapse Adventure 15 & 16 Di2
    Scott Foil 18
  • ocdupalais
    ocdupalais Posts: 4,229
  • gregster04
    gregster04 Posts: 1,679
    Tadej POGAČAR please
  • andyp
    andyp Posts: 10,095
    Benoit Cosnefroy for me, please.
  • red.rider
    red.rider Posts: 1,066
    16/24 pickers chose the winner, with a couple of Pidcockers picking up points too.
    Check your scores here.
  • andyp
    andyp Posts: 10,095
    My hunch that Pogacar was just using this as a leg loosener ahead of Liege turned out to be wildly wrong.