Campag Chorus 11-34, 12 Speed Cassette with Record 12 Speed


I am running Record 12 speed with a 11-32 cassette but it is now worn so needs replacing. Age is not on my side so I like the idea of the Chorus 11-34 one but guidance states it not compatiable with Record/Super Record 12 speed. Has anyone tried the Chorus 11-34 cassette with Record/Super Record, if so did it work (adjusting B screw) as Campag cassettes are not cheap!

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  • Which guidance are you referring to?
    All Campagnolo 12 speed cassettes are compatible with all Campagnolo 12 speed groupsets. The SR version of the cassette is just made of different materials to the Chorus version which is why it is lighter and significantly more expensive.
    Yes it does work too. The upper wheel adjustment screw uses the smallest sprocket when setting up so if set up correctly you shouldn't need to adjust it as the smallest sprocket is the same size.
  • Many thanks when checking various retailer websits & the main Camapg one it states 11-34 Chorus is not compatiable with Record or Super Record.

    Apologies not sure how to hyperlink these, often companies say certain things are not compataible but in reality can be made to work. Just do not want to buy the 11-34 cassette and then it will not work as this would be an expensive mistake.
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    With 12 speed Campagnolo it’s not like the old ‘any cassette works’ days. From what I gather it’s to do with the shape of the new 12 speed cages. Record and SR cages catch the edge of the Chorus Cassette, so they have their own design.

    Drop Graeme at Velotech an email and he’ll be able to give you a definite answer.
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    I think possibly when Campag first introduced 12 Record and Super Record were not compatible with the 32 or 34 tooth cassette.
    However the current version is as per the Campagnolo website and I have just ordered a Super Record groupset with 11/32.
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    Apologies, I think with the 34 cassette you will have to use the Super Record 34 cassette not a Chorus one.
  • I'm intrigued by this as this is news to me - I'd be interested to find out if it is actually the case that the 11-34 chorus cassettes are not compatible with R and SR and presumable vice versa. Looking through the technical manuals there don't appear to be any differences in the make up of the cassette.
    Keep us posted @tonybanham
  • Many thanks, I drop Velotech a note to get their thoughts.
    I am running a 11-32 and all is fine I guess with a 11-34 the Record cage may clash with the 34 cog resulting in near certain death if the Campag guidance is anything to go by. I think a 34 will work by adjusting the B screw but do not want to be £150 down if it does not.
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    Possibly worth asking Chicken cycles they are the official Campagnolo importer and along with Velotech are the authorised Campag technician training body for the pro shops.
  • I just wanted to offer an update to this from my own experience which may be of use to others. I was changing to an 11-34 cassette at the weekend ready for my holiday to the Austrian Alps. I had been using an 11-29.

    The top of the inner plate of the rear mech cage is this issue with running the 34 cassette with the original rear mechs. By original I mean before the update of the inner plate and is as per Yellow's comment above.

    The plate catches on the 34 sprocket cog and there isn't enough adjustment in the rear derailleur positioning screw to move the whole cage away from the cassette.

    In the updated version of the inner plate (plates marked with 29-34) the top section has a cut out which allows the cage to move clear of the 34 tooth cassette.

    The cut out is only a few millimetres but is sufficient to allow the cage to miss the sprocket.

  • If it's just a cut-out would it be possible just to file a cut-out into the older cage? Or is the new one beefed up to compensate?
  • If it's just a cut-out would it be possible just to file a cut-out into the older cage? Or is the new one beefed up to compensate?

    If you wanted to it would be easy enough to butcher the inner plate to achieve the same thing as the plate doesn't appear to be reinforced in anyway.