Tired Thursday

Ferkin MIL apparently fell yesterday afternoon and decided to wait until 11pm to call us for help 🙄 yet when we got there (just shy of an hour away) the lights were on 🤔

Work snizzle and then try and relax legs as I’m racing again this weekend and they are currently mucked up


  • seanoconn
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    Yay! It’s the original and best Thursday thread!

    Work Meh followed by avoiding wifey. Time of the month + fear of flying is not a good combo. Might take the kids out somewhere.
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  • homers_double
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    I second this as the being the earliest of the official Thursday Thread nominees.
    Doing very little today as my knee seems to have decided it wants to go on strike. Will walk in to town for travel toiletries and a stretch and then an MRI scan later.
    I did ask MrsHD to email France and tell them to behave, I think she's got an "out of office" in return.

    Why can't they just do what they usually do to resolve conflict, just send in the white flag surrender monkeys.
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  • Stevo_666
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    Well I think this is the rightful Thursday thread. Early start and walk to train station as I'm out for a beer or two this evening in town. Hopefully over the worst of the work stuff for now and I'm not looking at my phone while I'm out later.
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