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hi, sorry I am sure I posted this last year and I cant find the thread!

I need some wide fitting shoes, what are peoples recommendations and experiences? thank you
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  • pmannion9
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    I moved to Lake. Very impressed.
    Their standard shoe is often wider than other brands too...
  • whyamihere
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    Bont are good. I'm not convinced the heat moulding is anything more than a gimmick, but the shoes are good either way.
  • MidlandsGrimpeur2
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    I moved to Lake. Very impressed.

    I use Lake and really rate them too. You are best to see them in person though as the width does vary between models, some of the extra wide options they offer in some models are narrower than the standard width in other models. I use the CX332 in wide fit, but appreciate you may not be looking to spend that much on a shoe.

    Specialized are wide in the toe box in general IME as are Bont, as mentioned above. Bont have the 'bathtub' sole though which does feel a bit odd and not to everyone's taste

    Fizik look wider from what I have seen in person but no direct experience of using them.

    Sidi and Giro IME are narrow and I tend to avoid them.
  • joeyhalloran
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    Depends how wide you need to go but basically look at Lake.

    The standard competition last is the widest (I think) but some of the other lasts have wide and extra wide options which go even wider. Specialized's new shoes have increased in width by 3mm and their wide shoes are now actually wider (like Lake's) and I believe at +6mm wider than they use to be. However, I think the wider fit from Specialized are only available in the top-of-the-range Torch (~£300) shoes where as the Competition last from Lake can be had in shoes for around ~£120.

  • whyamihere
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    It's worth noting that Lake are distributed by Moore Large who have just gone out of business... I'm sure another distributor will be found quickly, but it could be a problem in the short term.
  • joeyhalloran
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    True but if you get in quick I am sure stores will hold stock, Sigma nd Saltdogcycling are both good for Lake stuff.
  • wavefront
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    I found my bonts comparably narrow, but loved them. Then moved to Sworks, which were also super but I did the cardinal sun of sizing up to get the width. So now, onto Lakes. They feel more like slippers than anything I’ve had which should be a good thing. But because of that they haven’t felt as rigid as my Sworks/Bonts and actually wonder if they’re too wide as the rear of my feet aren’t as gripped as I’m the SWorks.

    Long and short of it is, feet are individual, and Lakes are known for their width.
  • mudsucker
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    I have Lake 232s in a wide fit. Kinda pricey but very comfortable
    Bikes are OK, I guess... :-)

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