Cassette/freewheel spinning

Hi there

My carerra TDF roadbike rear cassette( freewheel it’s a 14 speed so 7 cogs) has just started to spin occasionally without the wheel spinning in sync when pedalling, I’m guessing it could be the pawls in the freewheel or on the free hub (which ever one I have)

Any ideas



  • Munsford0
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    I think you're probably correct. Drop out the wheel and take some photos of the offending item so folks can see what you have.

    If it's a freewheel then you'd just replace the whole thing pretty cheaply. Need a freewheel removal tool and a massive adjustable wrench or better still a bench vice to hold the tool while you unscrew the wheel. They can be quite obstinate. Might be a job for the bike shop if you lack the tools.

    If it's a freehub then some are serviceable, some are not really and you'd just replace. You'd need a lockring removal tool and a chainwhip to remove the cassette. Shimano freehubs usually need a 10mm hex key or bit for the tubular bolt which secures them.
  • As above it's better off to match up .Though it's likely a Shimano one as the TDF was shipped with shimano components
  • Thanks both

    I believe it’s a freewheel (shimano) looking at the middle correct me if I’m wrong, think it needs changing as it’s 8+years old and I will change chain at same time