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Stolen Cube LTD, Haywards Heath, 03.03.23

glen_dglen_d Posts: 11
Been locking my bike up at Waitrose in Haywards Heath since it opened around 5 years ago. Locked it up at 5:00pm on Friday 3rd March 2023 and came back at 6:45pm to find it had been stolen.

Purchased it for around £900 in 2012 and am extremely angry/upset as I am on it every day for work and going around town etc. Particularly disappointed with Waitrose as there is a CCTV camera directly above the cycle stands which, they have informed me, doesn't in fact cover them at all and, instead, is pointing towards a door in the corner. Photos below.

There is no sign at the bike stands advising you leave your bike there at your own risk etc and the camera definitely gives people the impression the bikes are covered.
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