Sq Taper to threaded BB conversion, 11s Crings with 8 speed chain?

Hi there,

Question regarding our fleet bikes - We run the Trek Domane AL2 2022 in our range for guiding abroad. I personally lead the groups, but wanted to make a small change to the bike, the question is, is it possible to fit a threaded bottom bracket on this bike in place of the square taper one installed, and if so, which bottom bracket would I need? It currently has a Shimano UN300, 68 mm, threaded cartridge, 110 mm spindle.

I would like to install a 24mm axle crankset onto it (power2max type s, Rotor 3D24, 170mm arms) - My other question is, would the 10/11 speed chainrings work with the 8 speed chain/casette with no noticeable loss in shifting performance?

Many thanks in advance.


  • BB R60 Bottom Bracket and no the shifting would be terrible
  • In my experience square taper cartridge bottom brackets are much less troublesome than the modern bottom brackets so for fleet bikes I would have thought it was better to stay with what you've got.
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    As above, I don't see any benefit in switching BB and chainset at all. But if you did, there's no reason why the shifting performance would alter significantly. Might need a bit of minor adjustment to mitigate for the slightly narrower rings, but that's probably it..