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I've had to move out to my garage because the neighbour has complained about the noise from my turbo (despite me only riding in urg mode on the small rind and installing various sound insulating devices) Anyway, Although Rouvy say that you can use the app without wifi so long as you sign in and download the video you want to use before heading off, in my case to the freezing cold Garage. Everything works fine......Until about 45 mins in when the app suddenly signs me out and the sign in screen appears. At which point a cold sweaty me has to return to the house and sign back in. Session has ended (although somehow it's saved at least) Does anyone know why this happens and if there is a solution. Not sure if it's relevent but am using "workouts" in urg mode.


  • Can't give you an answer, although I do have an active Rouvy free trial at the mo by accident (from clicking email link about trial in aid of Turkey and Syria earthquakes).

    Do a washing machine load while you turbo indoors in the same room?

    My downstairs neighbour has moaned about my turbo when I used my now semi-broken Direto, not since getting Saris H3 last Easter for under £500.

    I now turbo in our carpeted bedroom on a "deluxe" planetx turbo mat, usually between 0900 and 1900, which is above his bedroom. I moved furniture around so I could leave turbo set up in area furthest away from door, by my side of the double bed.

    Sound proofing is pretty dire, no carpet in our back room above their lounge and only rugs in our lounge above their second bedroom. We're a very quiet couple, almost feels like we are in their lounge when in with TV or music on, especially when they have visitors.
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  • super_davo
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    Can't you get a mesh or a powerline system and get Wifi to your garage?
    You can get it working on some things without, but you'd be missing out quite a lot of functionality working offline all the time.
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    I use Rouvy all the time but only the routes and not workouts. I download the route to my Windows laptop and then head off into the cold garage. Never have a problem with it signing me out of the app.
    Have you tries downloading a route and seeing it that works beyond 45 minutes?
    Can't see why workouts would be limited to this time out though. Are you a subscriber or on a free trail ?
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    I'm a full subscriber of Rouvy, and have been for 5+ years, and I can definitely say you can ride downloaded routes for more than 45 minutes. Not tried not connected to WiFi though, because I have a Mesh node in my shed that I use for my Turbo.

    When you say you are using Rouvy Workouts is that the Rouvy Workouts app?
    That is the old version, the new version is just called "Rouvy" and the old version is no longer supported, likely to have flakiness. There are still workouts in the new version, they just have videos.
  • Try a mobile hotspot or extend the range of your wifi. In the case of the app, try checking for updates and the version of ROUVY you're using. If the problem continues to pop up, write to support.