Google forms or else?

If I want to create an entry form for a series of events… basically I need people names, affiliation, age and email address… possibly the name and contact of a next of kin… no need for any link to payments, what would you recommend, Google Forms or else?
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  • briantrumpet
    briantrumpet Posts: 18,255
    I love Google Forms, not least as it creates the spreadsheet of replies.
  • Dorset_Boy
    Dorset_Boy Posts: 7,006
    Google Forms - use it for lots of our club related stuff.
  • gethinceri
    gethinceri Posts: 1,535
    Anything that can cope with the intricacies of GDPR and is simple enough to meet your needs.
  • briantrumpet
    briantrumpet Posts: 18,255
    Just one bit of advice - depending on how many replies you are likely to get and how much sorting of replies in the spreadsheet you need to do, pick your questions carefully, and whether tickboxes or multiple coice is better: tickboxes can leave you with too much info in each cell, whereas multiple choice and carefully chosen questions enable you to spearate out the responses more easily.
  • me-109
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    .. the intricacies of GDPR and is simple..

    Well, there's a contradiction :D