TT pole clamps

Stupid question incoming:

What are the clamps called that attach TT bars to a base bar? Are they sold separately?

I have a TT bike and want to raise the TT bars up. The clamps on the bike are unbranded and fit a 31.8mm base bar (and I assume standard width TT poles). Can I use Profile Design risers for example, or do I need to buy Profile Design clamps too? Struggling to find what I think I’m looking for by googling, not sure I’m asking the right questions! :D



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    You might be lucky and find they fit, and you might not.

    The handlebar diameter they fit is “standard” at 31.7mm or something, so that bit should be fine.

    The difference is where the clamp bolts go is *not* a standard, so you may find the riser block holes don’t quite line up with the ones in the bar clamps. The distance between bolt hole centres would only have to be off by a very small amount to render the riser blocks an unsafe option.
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