Upgrading using used components?

It’s an odd question, but what are your thoughts? I currently have Tiagra components on a BMC Teammachine SLR03. I’ve run across a used Fuji Team with an all Ultegra group set at a great price. I could use all the parts and keep the wheel set as a spare. The components seem to be in good shape but they are 24 years old! I know Shimano components last a looooong time if we’ll cared for, but what do you think?

FYI I am a casual rider, but enjoy tinkering and builds.


  • To be honest, I wouldn't recommend it for stuff that old. 24 years is probably Ultegra 9 speed at best?

    Cassettes and chains are available, sure, but your Tiagra probably shifts and brakes better than it anyway. Plus, old stuff on modern bikes just looks... old. If you were restoring a 90s bike to be "original" it might be worth it. Otherwise, no...

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  • Haha! Thanks, I appreciate the input. Yeah I was wondering about all that you mentioned.
  • froze
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    My only problem with swapping the parts is that the Fuji Team is a vintage bike, why ruin the originality of the bike? All that does is reduce any resale value you might have gotten out of it if you ever wanted to sell it.

  • I would but the Fuji as a project ,those parts belong on a retro looking bike .