Microsoft Office - Access Database Options?

I'm sure someone here can advise.

I have MS Office 365 which I have been using for years.

Today I tried to open an Access database only to find that Access has disappeared from my list of apps within 365.

An internet search doesn't tell me much other than Access is still there for business users (which I'm not).

There is a bewildering array of options to MS Access but which one should I choose?

I only use a database in its simplest form - I create a table and store data in it. I add to it and when I want something from it I look at the table. I don't create anything using the data, I just sort, search, filiter, etc. within the table.

I've tried searching for options for free databases and the jargon is way beyond my comprehension.

I currently save my database to my laptop, not to the cloud and am quite happy to continue doing that.

If anyone can suggest a free, downloadable alternative to MS Access I would be very grateful.
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  • me-109
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    Pretty sure Access got dropped from the Office package years ago, unless you went for one of the premium offerings. I think it's a separate license.

    If everything is in one table you might as well use Excel. It's only where you have multiple tables of different 'things' that you want to relate in some way that you need a database. Even then, if not complex, you could run a couple of table and use lookups or a dashboard.

    Not sure if Google has a database alternative along with Word and Excel alternatives.
  • morstar
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    Sounds to me like a spreadsheet (multiple options available) is all you need.

    But here you go…

    It’s on a click up blog and recommends click up but it does recommend other options.

    Having used click up project management software, it seems pretty decent.
  • orraloon
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    Have a look at Libre Office. I use that as a free alt to MS Office. It has a database option though I have not used that.

  • That's awesome information, thanks a lot