Best but quick n easy way to deep clean

Hi all. Best but quick n easy way to clean particularly drive chain and jockey wheels?
As previous post, had an immaculate Defy used as commuting bike but come off it a few times now and dropped chain causing a few scratches and scuffs.
Looking to deep clean and try n buff/polish out few scratches etc .
Never had carbon frame before and don't really clean bikes , occasional wipe down and bit of muc off polish and oil.
Tempted to try something like a park tool chain scrubber with Morgan blue and squirt, along with some carbon frame cleaning stuff , will that work ?
I don't really want to be breaking chain and soaking in petrol and melted wax , just don't have the time skills and energy.


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    Petrol/diesel/paraffin brushed on - and worked in - to the chain and jockey wheels, followed by running it through a rag, should get the chain clean enough and is probably the simplest/cheapest method. Lots of other degreasers out there that will do similar. Then re-lube with your preferred brand.

    Paint scratches and scuffs - I wouldn't bother.
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    I bought a 5 litre bottle of No Nonsense degreaser from Screwfix, amazing stuff.

    Use it neat on your drivetrain with a brush or chain bath, mix it with soapy water and wash the rest of your bike with it, wheel, tyres, everything. You can do a light clean like that or take apart your bike and immerse cassette, brakes etc. for a deep clean.

    If you use degreaser you will obviously need to regrease bearings again from time to time, but if you're reasonably careful it doesn't need to be every time.

    I used to use white spirit for the chain, but anything like that or petrol or paraffin etc. absolutely stinks & wife always used to moan etc. The degreaser doesn't - I've even used it on our oven! Costs about £10 and I reckon I will get a couple of years out if it.
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    Forgot to add, if you have a disc brake bike get the Muc off disc covers. Chuck them on and you can be really liberal with a brush, sponge and hose and not have to worry about squealing brakes.
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    I use Morgan Blue and it gets rid of most crud from chain/drivetrain. As above, get a brush and brush the degreaser over everything. Rinse off and then give it a once over with a sponge and hot soapy water.

    Yep, don't waste time bothering with scratches.

    Best way to keep a bike clean is regular cleaning. It will prolong the life of components. If you ride it every week then personally, I would clean it every week.