Another Fulcum freehub Problem

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Have old (8y?) Racing Quattros that have needed previous hub bearing replacement.
Recently changed the inner freehub bearing for the first time, and have had (I think) pawl engagement problem since.
Initially would not bind properly at all, so replaced the pawl spring. Wasn't very manky but cleaned and oiled (rather than greased) pawls. Now does bind, but I get a loud 'clack' and brief slip on setting off and when suddenlly pushing hard. Maybe had that before, but nowhere near as frequent.
Pawls don't look worn.
Not sure it's worth replacing the whole freehub (£60+), especiallly if the problem is on the hub teeth rather than the hub, and I've just shelled out and fitted a set of new bearings.
Is the wheel farqed? Rims are still ok.


  • hard to say.. could be the ratchet. They shouldn’t wear, maybe you freewheel too much… :D
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  • Mad_Malx
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    I was telling myself it was because of my enormous power output.

    As an aside, I find it amazing that three tiny pawls and very thin spring are so crucial to the fuction of a bicyle.
  • yeah, and not all three even engage at the same time
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  • I would have replaced the pawls and the spring for the sake of a few quid and it would also eradicate the pawls as the issue .

    You also say you done the inner freehub bearing ,Why not both ?

    Only think I would ask is if the spring is properly seated as if its not your symptoms are what happens if its not as it dosnt create the proper tension to lift out the pawls properly

  • Mad_Malx
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    I did do both bearing sets on the free-hub this time. Previously I only did the outer, because they are easier and the inner were ok at the time (less exposed to road crud). Not sure if relevant, but the new outer bearing went in surprisingly (too?) easily.
    I realised the freehub bearings were gone when I noticed a lot of play; maybe I rode with it too long and this has led to wear .
    I’ve also done the axle bearings.

    I think the spring is good, but I’ll have another look. I already had a packet of spares, but not pawls, from a previous repair. The hook broke when the wheels were relatively new.

    Thanks both for suggestions.