Route planning apps these days

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Am I right in saying that if I wanted to download a route that somebody else has devised, that I'd have to pay for a subscription these days? I tried to download a friend's route he had done on Ridewithgps and it wants me to sign up. Is it not possible to get routes for free anymore? Presumably I could copy the route and save it myself but obviously that's a bit of a pain.

<<Ah scrap that, I did it via my laptop. Downloaded the route and synced it to my Wahoo with no trouble but not sure I'll be able to do that with Strava in future as I have cancelled my subscription due to the price increase>>


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    It's true that RWGPS requires an account, and that some parts (e.g. popularity heatmaps while planning) are behind a paywall. However, with a free account, I've been using it to plan and post routes over the last 18 months.

    Komoot lets you do some, too. I'm unsure the route planner works all around the world, or only in the regions you have unlocked. Of which only the first is free.

    In any case, surely if you have a GPX/TCX/... Wahoo's system allows you to upload it from the laptop and then sync it to the device.