Bike not used for years & disc brakes.

Wow, it's been a while since I've been on here.

Anyway, I'm getting back in to cycling and dug out my old bike - a Carrera Vulcan with hydraulic disc brakes (think it was the last model with 26" wheels). I'd previously used bikes with V brakes.

The bike was relatively new when I stopped cycling (less than 100 miles 😳) and I don't remember the discs rubbing. The rear brake now is.

My questions are - is this normal? Will this just resolve? Any tips for fixing it.

Thanks in advance. It's good to be back cycling 🙂


  • reaperactual
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    I've not left a bike standing for a while without riding it so can't say if it's normal.

    Certainly won't do any harm to dismount the caliper, rotate the lever to horizontal, remove the bleed port screw then push your pads apart to fully recess the pistons.

    If a bit of oil/fluid spills out you'll know your brake doesn't have any air/lack of fluid or leaks and it should be good to go. If you don't see any fluid in the reservoir I'd suggest at least a lever bleed to top up.

    Put the bleed port screw back on, remount the caliper just snug so you can pump the lever then re-centre the caliper on the rotor before tightening the caliper bolts properly. That might be all that's needed to stop it rubbing.

  • The Rookie
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    Probably the pistons have got a bit sticky, remove the pads, clean the exposed piston sides (using the same fluid as is inside the brake), push them back, ease them out SLOWLY, repeat until they move smoothly.
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