Campagnolo chorus 12 speed Ergoshifter not clicking. (left)

Got a new pair of campagnolo ergoshifters. The left (front derailleur) shifter clicked a couple of times than stopped working. Levers do move but do not click. Seems like a ratchet or a spring issue. Did anyone ever have such an problem. Is it an easy fix or are they a headache to dissasmble ?


  • Have you made sure that either the bar tape or hood cover isn't blocking the return of the thumb lever - this can cause the same issue.
    Has the cable frayed where the cable inner leaves the lever body - this is a more common problem than you'd think due to snagging on an incorrectly cut cable outer. More common on the rear shifter than the front but worth a check.
    Also, check that the cable tension isn't too high as this can also cause the same issue.
    Other than that it may well be service centre time and a warranty replacement - you could reach out Velotech -
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    Drop Simon at Year One a mail - he specialises in all models of mechanical Campagnolo shifter repairs. He might be able to help (I'd be very surprised if he couldn't help to be honest - he's a Campagnolo god)