Water in front forks

After washing my Orbea Terra H40 I noticed a sloshing noise when I picked up the bike. To my dismay I tipped the bike upside down and a stream of water came out of the front fork where the brake hose exits the frame. It's taken a few times of tipping it up and down to get rid of all the water.

I'm quite shocked how much water could enter the fork from a quick wash, not using a pressure washer. How can I prevent this happening again? I can't believe it's great for the bike, is there anything else I can do to try and dry the fork out as much as possible?


  • redvision
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    Most forks have drain holes, so I would check if your bike does and whether they are blocked.

    The water has probably accumulated over time and not just from a single bike wash.

    The old trick to drain water from the forks was to turn the bike upside down and leave it for a bit.