Building/electrical advice

Can anyone advise on this. A few years ago before my dad died he owned a house he rented out that needed some electrical work - part rewire/consumer unit - and because he was not very well I arranged to have it done.

I don't think I got a certificate for the work. The house had been used as a cannabis farm by the tenant and the amount of work to put right I just got so tired of it I didn't chase stuff up I should have done and put it off until I forgot about it.

As the house is now being sold if I get a qualified electrician to do an EICR check and actually make sure I get the certificate does that bring any certification it needs up to date?

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  • DeVlaeminck
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    Yes - funny thing is they fled when a house across the road was raided for same thing - no idea if they were linked I'd guess so. The damage they do is quite an eye opener !
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  • morstar
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    Mine and the mrs first house became a rental when we sold.
    Became a cannabis factory that was identified partly as a result of the neighbours complaining their entire adjoining wall was going mouldy.