Fulcrum Freehub body rubber seal

The freehub bearings in a Fulcrum racing Sport are worn. Since the wheel is fine and the wheel bearings are fine I thought I'd try replace the Freehub bearings. But I can't get remove this rubber seal as seen in the picture. Nor can I find any reference to it on fulcrum manuals or YT instruction videos. The seal does not want to come out and rather than rip it while trying I thought I'd ask here if anyone knows how to remove this seal?


  • i.bhamra
    i.bhamra Posts: 304
    It's probably just stuck in place with all the crap that has gotten in there. Have you tried to get a flat blade under the rubber and see if you can prize it away?

    Alternatively if you push the bearing out with a drift from the other side that will most likely do the job for you anyway.
  • g1032
    g1032 Posts: 29
    Ya. I couldn't get a small flat head screwdriver under it. And I assumed, like you, that knocking the bearing out would force the seal off but it just holds the bearing in place and won't let it out.. It's bizarre
  • Is it a serviceable freehub ? What type of engagement is on it ?
  • g1032
    g1032 Posts: 29

    Is it a serviceable freehub ? What type of engagement is on it ?

    It may not be. Pawl.. I'll post a picture soon