New B-link or new hanger?

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Hi all,
I'm getting ready to put this XT on my Specialized Pitch but I'm sure I have a hanger issue as the old Altus mech was different set up.
I am planning to use an XT 10 speed (RD-M786) but I am faced with (I think) a new hanger or adding a B-link?

If anyone can advise me I would appreciate the guidance.



  • me-109
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    Your XT mech needs the mounting/pivot bolt, which might also have a spring. It's possibly the same as the Altus one but wouldn't guarantee it. It doesn't need a new hanger or link plate as it's not a direct mount.
  • whyamihere
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    That XT mech is set up for direct mount at the moment. The easiest thing is going to be to get a new B link and use the existing hanger, Specialized may not have made a direct mount one for the Pitch. When buying a B link, make sure it comes with all the mounting hardware, you need a special bolt which goes right through the mech.
  • Thanks chaps for the feedback, ill enquire online and with my LBS and see about a b-link and mounting hardware.

    Many thanks 👍
  • Quick update,
    LBS sorted b-link and it worked a treat. Again thanks for the assistance, image below shows it in place with new paint job

    On a similar but slightly different note, the shifter I have is i think i-specB, but my brakes dont have any mount holes, so does anyone know if there if a bar mount i can get that I can use to bolt the shifter to? Its an SL-M780-B shifter. Any help is appreciated.

  • whyamihere
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    SJS are always good for this stuff:

    You'd need the base cover and either the base cap or the indicator, there's different versions for each. This exploded diagram shows how they all fit together: