2023 Metric Century Challenge

Time to start thinking about the Metric Century Challenge for 2023.

The challenge is very straightforward: all you need to do is ride one metric century, a ride of 100 km (62.18 miles) each and every month during 2023. Riding one a month is enough but why not set yourself a target to aim for? Get out and ride as many as you can! If 100km isn't long enough then why not try to do a double-century every month? :smiley:

The guidelines are:

* Click 'reply to post' to add yourself to the list of participants before 31st January 2022. Please don't post until you have a ride or are sure you will have one. It will save me some time every month if there aren't any extraneous posts.
* Post only once per participant and edit your original post after each ride, please update your rides by the last day of each month in something along these lines:
Jan 15th, 100kms, 62.18 miles, 1 point, total kms 100, total points 1... and then as you do each ride edit the same post doing a running total of kms and points. Some people don't put the miles in, some put elevation in... whatever floats your boat, but please do keep your points totals up to date. It just saves me having to go through and add them all up each time.

* Complete your first ride by 31 Jan 2024. No late starters or double rides to catch up after 31 January 2023.
* Ride at least one metric century each and every month.
* Each Metric Century is worth one point. Double metrics (200km) are worth two points and so on.
* For brevet rides or anything similar lasting longer than one continuous day, the date the ride completed is the date posted. (Your post would look something like this: 10 May 4 Points 403.29 km Total Points 14 Total kms 1,429.76)
2020/2021/2022 Metric Century Challenge Winner